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Hotel Airone

Florence, capital of the Tuscany, is a city full of art and culture. You will find a wide range of sculptural and architectonic works, art galleries, museums, shops and an exquisite gastronomy.

Hotel Airone offers you all the tourism information, entrance fees to museums or performances. All that you may need for complete your experience in Florence.

The hotel has a number of suggestions for activities/ tours/ itineraries that allow you to be in touch with the Tuscany culture.
Art galleries
Florence is famous for its art galleries. In them you will find numerous treasures of Italian and international artists. Some galleries you can visit are:

The Uffizi Gallery , a palace and at the same time a museum that has 45 rooms with works of art with a great value. Paintings by Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo are some of the many authors you will find.

The Accademia Gallery Museum was founded in at the end of the 17th century. It houses numerous works of sculpture and painting. In it you can visit the famous sculpture work of Michelangelo, the David, among many others.

Pitti Palace. In this renaissance style palace of the 19th century, you can find one of the largest art galleries of Italy. The palace houses the Palatina Gallery, the Royal Apartments and the Modern Art Gallery.
The Tuscany
Visit the most important regions of the Tuscany.

The Chiani valley. Located between the provinces of Florence and Siena, lies the heart of Tuscany: Chianti. In this region you can enjoy spectacularviews, nature and history.

The city of Siena is one of the best known of Tuscany. Its culture, monuments, traditions and heritage will captivate you. Located in a unique landscape, Siena seems to have stopped in the thirteenth century; its medieval beauty inside nature is spectacular.

The city of Pisa is famous for the Piazza dei Miracolo and the emblematic Tower of Pisa. Like other cities of Tuscany, in Pisa you can enjoy the artistic and architectural heritage as well as nature and picturesque landscapes.
Shopping tourism
You can find the best gastronomic products and shops in Florence.

You will find fashion shops in Florence, a natural choice for shopping not only for high fashion but also for the unique and one of a kind gifts and souvenirs. In Ponte Veccio, considered the oldest bridge in Europe, there are several fashion shops or boutiques and jewelries.

The gastronomy in Florence is famous because the pasta, cheese, liqueurs and olive oil. You will discover a wide range of exquisite products along the Florentine streets and markets. Some of the markets you can visit are: the Mercato Centrale, the Mercato San Lorenzo and the Mercato Porcellino, also called Mercato Nuovo.